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When you understand the history of Iranian descent you are opening up a big exciting world of knowledge. Iran has an extremely exciting culture made up of different diverse ethnic groups. With so many different people making up their population Iran has a very diverse exciting culture. There’s so much that we are still learning about Iran’s rich history and different ethnic makeup. You can learn more here about Iranian dissent. So what are you waiting for? Don’t wait any longer! This is your moment to learn. It’s exciting to think of all the new things add to your intellectual database.

To begin your journey you should understand what ethnic group makes up the largest part of Iran’s population. If you had to guess what ethnic group do you think it is? Could you guess offhand what ethnic group it is? Do you already know what ethnic group is the majority in Iran? Persians are actually the majority of the population in Iran. The ancestry behind the Persian people has notes of other ethnic groups. That is to say that Persian people typically are a mixture of other races to some extent.

Lurs, Kurds and a few of the other groups that make up the majority population. The ethnic groups who speak Indo-European languages have descended from Aryan tribes. Central Asia was the previous home to these Aryan tribes. The Aryan tribes migrated to Iran from central Asia before it was even called Iran.

Iran’s population is also made up of some smaller ethnic groups. Jews and Armenians are two great examples. Armenians have been very different and distinct regarding their ethnicity and cultural history.

Jews were also called Semites. Other groups that fit under the semi-category include Arabs and Assyrians. The group of Semites only comprises a very tiny portion of Iran’s population. Population only has a tiny amount of Semites present. The small amounts of room but they take up is still greatly impacted by their cultural traditions. Jews have the wonderful advantage of being able to trace the history all the way back to Iran in the sixth century BC.

The Jewish people have made it a point to never let go of their ethnic history. The Jewish people make it a point to still practice the ethnic traditions that were practiced hundreds of years ago. Keeping the same language that they used to have rather than adopting a new one is a great example. Also they follow the same strict religious guidelines they were following hundred years ago. Armenians are another group of people who are passionate about their history. Typically both Armenians and Jews like to inhabit the large cities of Iran.

There is so much you can learn about Iranian descent. You’ll literally be learning about hundreds of different types of people. There is a lot more you can continue to learn on your journey for knowledge.

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