Steps on How to Mix Homemade Cocktails

Cocktail is a drink, which is loved by many in the world. Most people are poor in making different types of cocktails which they love for use while at home. Many find themselves walking into any hotel or another place where they can get some cocktail. Cocktail making involves a few simple steps for people to understand. The following guidelines will assist you in learning how to make some cocktails.

Buy your favorite spirit for your cocktail. Cocktail must have some alcoholic content in it for it to be sweet. There are people who choose to use whiskey, colored or colorless or clear spirit as an alternative to adding alcohol content in their cocktail.

Get another type of spirit but not the same as the one you choose is the first. It is not a must someone to choose any spirit to use, you can consider making a cocktail that is spirit free. Make sure you mix the spirits you have in equal amounts such that none will taste more than the other at the end.

Make sure you have a nice cocktail shaker with you. It assist to combine the ingredients you use together. There are people who make cocktails by stirring the mixtures while others use cocktail mixers to make sure everything is perfect.

There are different types of cocktails being made, make sure you know the type of cocktail you love most and know the ingredients you need in making it. For those who love, cocktails with eggs, dairy products, fruits, sour mix, or simple syrup need to shake the ingredients.

A jigger or a measuring cup is important for someone to use. The two are for measuring the amount which is required for your mixture. Avoid using your eyes because there are higher chances for you to use the inappropriate portion. You are likely to have one ingredient being more than the other which will be wrong.

Mix-up the kind of herbs or fruits you would wish to use in your cocktail and make sure you place them at the bottom of the shaker. It is optional since not all types of cocktails call for muddled fruits or herbs. Avoid using more fruits or herbs than required. Consider using a wooden spoon or a muddler if you want to have a smooth juice. Make sure you get pure juice from your fruits or herbs.

The next thing you should do is adding your alcohol in the shaker. Follow the directions given on the recipe to make sure you add the required amount.

Ice should be added to the liquids which you prepared earlier on. Ice should be added after one is through with the shaking to avoid unnecessary dilution of the cocktail. Do not fall a victim of this.

Cocktails – Getting Started & Next Steps

Cocktails – Getting Started & Next Steps