Perfect Nail Art

Stickers are easy to put on, with tweezers, tweezers or a rosewood stick. Start by washing your hands and then drying them well. Apply a base on your nails. Once dry, you take a sticker with the pliers or the stick then you apply it on the nail.

Then you press a few seconds with your finger, and you’re done. Make sure to put it meticulously because it adheres strongly to the nail. You then use a lacquer or a top coat and let it dry. You can put polish between the pose of the top coat and sticker. It’s up to you to choose colors that fit well. There are stickers to put on the outside of the nail, remember to file what exceeds before putting the top coat.

For stencils

You use a special tool at the pointy end, or a needle or you stick the sticker on the back side of the board. You remove the outline of the stencil and then place it on the nail so that it adheres perfectly.

Then put some varnish with a brush or a sponge when you remove the stencil delicately on the edges. After waiting a few seconds, you can put on top coat. From komilfo you can have the best elements now.

With a spiral pattern

You’ll take off the pattern with fine-tipped tweezers or tweezers. You pull gently and before the spiral is completely detached from the support, you will put your finger on the support not to cause the second spiral.

Pulling a little more, you completely detach the spiral, and then you put it in the center of the nail. With a dotting tool or a toothpick, you can move it on the nail. Make sure that it adheres well on the edges.

You then put a thin layer of color with a well-pigmented varnish. You immediately remove your sticker with the tweezers with the end that exceeds.

Do not wait after laying your coat of varnish. Then put on top coat once the base is dry.

Small aligned patterns

  • After laying the base and the varnish of color, once dry, you remove the excess vinyl on the board, you can use a piece of tape to catch the sticker and apply everything on your nail. You let go over a piece of the sticker to be able to remove the tape and the sticker. The vinyl base will adhere to the nail.
  • With tweezers, you remove the small patterns. When they are herringbone patterns, remember to remove in the direction of the arrow. Then put two layers of top coat.
  • Be careful when laying small patterns as they are fragile and could tear. To take off from the board, start with the bottom part gently scraping with the tip of the tweezers.

Make sure it adheres perfectly by pressing with your finger. Pieces that protrude can be filed or cut with a crappy clip.