Kojic Acid Skin Cream is a powerful, high quality, skin lightener. It safely and naturally evens skin tone. It even lightens freckles and age spots. It is highly effective with long term use. This is a much better solution than hydroxyquinolone cream.

Kojic Acid was first discovered in Japan in 1989. It is a natural product that is derived from a mushroom found in Japan. It successfully lightens pigment spots and discolorations, evens skin tones, fights age spots, and lightens freckles. Kojic acid works by preventing the production of melanin in the skin. It penetrates the upper skin layers so that it stops the formation of pigment. This allows the upper layer of skin to lighten and at the same time the deeper layers remain discolored.

A clinical study was done on Treatment of Melasma with Kojic Acid (Dermatol Surg v 25, 1999) in Singapore on 40 Chinese women. Melasma is a non-cancerous disorder that causes dark patches primarily on the face. The women were treated with two different gels. A gel containing 2% Kojic Acid was to be applied on one half of the face and a gel without the Kojic Acid was to be applied on the other half of the face. It was determined that greater results came from the addition of Kojic Acid in the treatment of Melasma. 60% of the Melasma cleared on the side of the face where the Kojic Acid was used compared to only 45.7% of the Melasma cleared from the use of the gel without the Kojic Acid. In 2 patients there was 100% clearance of the Melasma with the use of the Kojic Acid. Overall, Kojic acid further improves melasma.

Kojic Acid Skin Cream works best when used on a regular basis. The effects that come from the use of the cream will last as long as the product is being used. When used regularly, improvements in the skin should be seen within four to six weeks. Results may vary depending on one”s skin type. It is effective for any tone or skin type. It has antioxidant properties that are also good for the skin.

Kojic Acid Skin Cream is completely safe. It is a natural solution for lightening of the skin. It is a much safer and better solution that hydroxyquinolone cream. Hydroquinone is synthetic, not a natural substance, and it has been shown to possibly cause skin irritations. It was determined by the American Occupational Safety Hazard Administration (OSHA) to be highly toxic and when used without precautions it may cause mutations. It has been banned in Europe and limited to a maximum concentration of 2% in North America because of safety concerns.

So, if you are interested in lightening your skin or evening your skin tone naturally and safely use Kojic Acid Skin Cream. You should never pay more than $11.95 for a 2oz jar of Kojic Acid Skin Cream.