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The things that one need to know when it comes to telomere is a lot. There are some test that one can have to measure its length hence the first important thing that one need to know about telomere. With the best telomere test, you get to have the right measurement of the telomere. Reproductive and precise are some of the best characteristic of the best telomere length test that you should have. Making sure that patients are having the right recommendation for their treatment is the main aim of having telomere length test. When an individual is suffering from the short telomere, he or she get to have one of the most common diseases that is cancer. The patient need to have telomere length test to be on the right side because of that. Patients who have any type of low blood pressure need to have telomere length measurement test to be able to have the right treatment choice.

In most hospitals, you get to have one of the first and most important telomere length test that is flow FISH test. In each of the blood samples that a patient has, flow FISH test can help you to know the length of telomere in situ. The doctor makes a small hole in the nucleus and sip in fluorescent hence the working principle of flow FISH test for telomere length. The fluorescent that is sipped in the hole in the nucleus travel all the way to attach itself in the telomere. The physician uses a method called flow cytometry to know the type of cells that are in each blood samples.

You can quantify the fluorescent of the cells in blood samples hence the best thing about flow cytometry method of determining cell type. Normal length of telomere at birth is thirteen kilobases hence one of the things that you should know. The number of companies that you can get that deal with a different type of telomere length test is a lot. In public, you get to have a lot of telomere test that believe that the length of telomere determine the biological age.

To measure the length of telomere, you need to know about over the counter telomere length test that is another type. When it comes to over the counter telomere length test, you get a tool by the name or quantitative polymerase used. To carry out the telomere length test using over the counter telomere length test method, you need to know that there are a few steps that you should follow. When using over the counter method, you get to have first things that happen that include removing cells from the blood samples, extracting the DNA together with amplification and measuring the amount of repetitive DNA.

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