Copper brightens every space. The metal ushers in beauty and class, especially when it is well maintained. Trying to polish this precious metal is actually a waste of time and money since you will never maintain the original beauty with such kind of maintenance procedures. In fact, you will still see that dull and tarnished copper that you dread in your space. However, there are products in the market that are designed to keep your copper metal glowing. One of such products is permalac, which is not only ideal for copper protection and maintenance, but it also ideal to be used for other metals such as bronze, steel and aluminum.

The clear coat copper product, permalac, contains inhibitors to help protect copper and other metals from the harmful UV rays and corrosion as well. You will be amazed to know that even a blow torch will not discolor color if only you protect it with permalac. Still, with the product, your copper metal will remain intact and attractive regardless of the weather condition. This product is actually far much better than many other products in the market today.

Under normal conditions, permalac will continue to give perfect protection to your copper metal for a period of ten years. This means that you will be getting value for your money by buying this product. Better yet, the product dries up quickly and it is easier to apply. It actually takes 5 minutes to air dry it to the touch. You could either use a brush for application or spray it. Normally, the directions for use are clearly written on the labels so as to help you have an easy time applying it.

Adding Value to Your Space

Permalac does not only protect your copper, but it also makes the metal look attractive. It leaves a glossy and crystal clear finish to the copper surface. You could transform your home with this product; instead of going for the expensive dcor in the market today. Better yet, the product is sold at a friendly rate to the end that many consumers can afford it.

To protect your valuable copper metal in lamps, sinks, bowls and many more items, you should go for permalac. It solves the whole issue of worrying about some spaces getting wet. For instance, many people fear using some copper sinks because of the fear that they will start getting corroded and looking out of place. With clear coat copper, such issues will be non- existent.

Points of Caution

You may want to find out about the method of permalac application as you buy the product. Go for the type that will be easier to apply. If you make the best choices, you will not require calling someone to apply it for you, which will help save on some costs. Further, you should be able only buy from the best dealers who call sell to you the original product. It is unfortunate that there are some counterfeit products that will not last for as long as you would wish.