How the Church Can Help the Community

There are so many activities surrounding church today. Today’s church does not engage with society’s beauty they have many activities that make them only engage with the congregation and fellow church. Consequently, the community has been forgotten. However, the church has a responsibility to share what they have and the word of God with other people. Here are some of the ways in which the church can engage with the community.

The church can be involved in helping the needy. If there is someone who is homeless in the community, the church can organize how they can help people, such as people. They can organize a trip to where these people are and sponsor meals and fundraise money that is going to help these people. In developed countries, there are fewer people who you can assist with basic needs, as a result, an institution like International Therapy Outreach Teams Inc organizes how they can send medical among other aids to people in the developing countries.

The church can also be involved in the cleanup of the community. Even a simple activity such as cleaning has a huge impact on the community. In many urban areas, there is a lot of trash. Even in rural areas, there is a need to keep the area more beautiful. You can organize with the church member and collect the litters, leaves, and shove the snow during winter. However simple it may look; it will definitely lighten up the hearts of the people.

The church can serve the community through the provision of education. There are many people out there who cannot afford education, however, the church can order direct sponsorship to these people. Besides, it can partner with other organizations that assist the underprivileged to get an education. The church can also engage with the people with the neighborhood by offering training on various matters. The training can be either about the word of God, good health, financial management, among other issues.

Sometimes a crisis can happen. Crisis includes accidents or drought. The church should always be one the forefront in availing Financial assistance. During a crisis, properties can be destroyed and people are left with nothing. However, the church can come and provide food, shelter, and clothing. If there those who are sick, they can provide medical assistance.

Different people in the congregation are skilled differently. The skills that you have can transform the life of someone else. For instance, if you are a building engineer, you can help the community in the building. However small the time you spare to share your skills, you will make a lot of progress in the development of the community. You can also take a group of people in society and train them with your skills.

Finally, you can start an outreach Bible study. One of the best ways through which you can draw people to Christ is through the bible study. The church should identify a list of members who are not committed and request to spread the one. it is even recommended in the bible that Christian should spread the work of God.

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