In Making Genetic Testing More Accessible, Jim Plante is Committed to Improving Human Health

Scientists now believe that somewhere around 20,000 genes help the average human body synthesize and manipulate the proteins that are so fundamental to life. Each of these genes can vary from one person to the next, often in ways that influence health and other important issues directly.

Individuals whose bodies express particular genes, for instance, can be prone to problems that others might never need to worry about. A company founded by noted entrepreneur and investor Jim Plante called Pathway Genomics is helping more people understand what their genes imply about their lives.

Accessible Genetic Tests That Can Be Used in Many Illuminating, Informative Ways

While the science of genetic testing is, in many respects, still in its infancy, a great deal of progress has been made in recent years. As a result, there are now a fair number of genes whose roles are so well understood that testing for their presence can be truly enlightening. Tests conducted by Pathway Genomics and offered at affordable prices can be used to provide insight into how potentially important matters like:

  • Nutrition. Every person’s nutritional needs are unique, but few ever arrive at a detailed understanding of what their own bodies need to thrive. As a result, many focus too much on types of foods whose consumption interferes with significant health-related goals. Genetic tests can be used to create a more accurate profile of what a particular person’s body requires to remain as healthy as possible. Trained physicians and dietitians can then turn those findings into dietary plans that better support health.
  • Fitness. Staying active is one key to remaining healthy, but the type and intensity of exercise a person engages in will always matter a great deal as well. Once again, genetic markers can be used to figure out what kinds of activity will be most likely to benefit a particular individual’s body.

A Powerful Tool for Improving Human Health

Tests that can be used to assess issues like these and others can contribute directly to the improved health of particular people. With such tests now becoming far more affordable, accurate, and accessible than in even the recent past, that is good news for just about everyone.