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A Guide to Understanding How Bail Bonding Works

A bail bond refers to a system where an arrested individual can be released before their case is over. They are normally allowed to leave upon the payment of a certain amount of money. This amount of money is a form of insurance that ensures that the person released on bail will show up to their court hearings.The lack of experience with the criminal system makes it quite challenging for one to understand the workings of the bail bonding system.This page is dedicated to helping individuals learn more about the workings of a bail bond.

Usually, a person other than the one who has been arrested pays for the bond.There are circumstances where the arrested person pays their own bail bond. An individual can only be released after their bail bond is paid. The amount of bail set is determined by the judge hearing the case. The individual has their case hearing without having to be in jail during this period. People can be given bail at the instance of being arrested. This gives them the opportunity to escape spending time in jail.

There is a bail schedule for every state. This refers to the pre-determined amount of bail to be paid with regards to a particular crime. Hearings conducted to determine the amount to be paid for a particular case is known as a bail hearing.It should be noted that sometimes the court can deny bail only if on whether the law allows. Bail can be denied or not based on certain factors. The flight risk of an individual is the first factor. Some individuals are a threat to the society and cannot be released on bail.

An individual who is well known within a community has a higher chance of getting bail.Such a person will attend court hearings as there is no likelihood that they can disappear.A visitor to an area has no guarantee of staying and can disappear hence not likely to make bail.

The amount of bail that one gets is largely influenced by the assets that they have. Bail is usually set based on the individual’s ability to pay. In cases where the person in question is a responsible for a family, the court is more likely to give them a lesser amount of bail. This gives them the opportunity to continue catering to the needs of their family.The amount of bond that a person gets is influenced by their criminal history.Those who have failed to attend hearings in the past will get a higher bail amount. This serves as a deterrent punishment to prevent future occurrence of the same.

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