I Went to a Trade Show in Vegas

Of course I took Mary with me and we went to see a bunch of shows, did a little gambling and had some great dinners. It was all on the company and the truth is that I came out a little bit ahead. Actually Mary was the one. She has always been good at math and she plays poker on the internet. So she won a good bit more than I lost. At any rate the boss was not so lucky. He apparently went out looking for cheap escorts in Las Vegas and this was pretty much exactly what his wife expected him to do. The truth is I noticed the guy that was following him, but I thought it was one of those guys who look for cheats on the casino floor. Me and Mary just happened to be there when the crap hit the fan. This must have been the aggressive sort of private investigator, because he seems to have paid one of the maids or whoever to let him in John’s room so that he could plant a spy camera.

At any rate this guy got caught and there was a great big scramble in the hallway when the hotel security guys tried to tackle him. John was there at the same time, completely drunk and with a pair of young ladies who were rather nicely dressed. Mary seemed completely unsurprised, but John knew very well that she and his wife are quite close. He knew that he was in a whole lot of trouble and he started begging her to be quiet about it. Of course I would be worried about my job in other circumstances, but John married into his job and the truth is that if he went out the door I would have a shot at his job myself.