How Genetics Affects Addictions

You will see so many people struggling to fight off an addiction. As soon as they have children, they shall start to worry if they also gave them the addiction. Here is more info on what an addiction would mean in a family.
Addictions are unfortunately genetic. When kids whose parents were addicted in their time get to their teenage years, they are more susceptible to fall into some form of addiction. This addiction is the result of both genetics and behavior. we can therefore see that behavior is the other factor as crucial as genetics. How you behave, and consequently how your children end up behaving will affect their chances of being addicts. In all things, you will find your kids aping your behavior.
As humans, we have in each of us the same DNA, up to 99.9% of it. The only differences in our DNA are summed up in the other 0.1%. With such a small margin, there is a lot that shall be similar especially among family members. We can thus understand how some diseases, addictions included, are shared among family members. Therefore, having an addiction shod cause you to worry about your child’s fate.
You can also see how behavior has more to lend to an addiction. The way you behave in front of your child affects them profoundly. If you use drugs or alcohol, you shall be in close proximity to it. This also places it near their kids. You will see them learning how to use such things even before they can control themselves. There is also the fact that this kid is being raised by an addict. Their behavior will not be the usual, which is why addiction is not far-fetched.
It is worth mentioning that after having experienced what an addiction does to a family, the lessons learned will have them always conscious of addictions. Some of those kids raised in such homes will not entertain the tough of an addiction, seeing as how it robbed them of so much joy growing up. Most of them will do their best to avoid placing their children in similar positions. You can make another positive contribution in their lives by making sure that this is not how history now repeats itself.
You need to first of all talk to your kids about drug and alcohol addictions, and share some of your experiences. This shall let them know how negatively it can impact their lives. There may be the chance that they shall inherit some negative traits from you, but there is also the fact that with the right intervention, this may not come to pass.
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